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What is Planète Amazone?

What is Planète Amazone ?

PLANETE AMAZONE (Amazon Planet) is a non-governmental Organization (NGO), under the law of July 1st, 1901, whose aim is to provide support to indigenous peoples. More specifically, Planète Amazone focuses on helping the native peoples of the Amazon in their fight against deforestation. Now more than ever, the territorial rights of indigenous peoples, their heritage, their cultural knowledge and their food-producing resources are jeopardized by deforestation which also leads to climate change.

The purpose of Planète Amazone is also to inform the public about the causes, effects and consequences of the destruction of rainforests, to support initiatives aiming to reduce deforestation and to participate in the creation of alternative solutions that are more respectful of the environment and Human Rights.

The scopes of application of Planète Amazone include:

  • Promoting and making sure that people respect the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Convention No. 169 of the ILO which deals specifically with the rights of indigenous and tribal peoples;
  • Providing legal, political, humanitarian, educational and ecological information about rainforests and their peoples for the general public, governments, the United Nations, governmental and non-governmental organizations;
  • Organising and participating in non-violent cultural, political and/or media-related events;
  • Introducing and building financial plans for projects whose aim is to give support to indigenous peoples living in tropical rainforests in accordance with their requests, their needs and in partnership with them.


Support for the actions of the Cacique Raoni Metuktire and the fight of indigenous people from Xingú against the Belo Monte Dam

Planète Amazone is working closely with the Cacique Raoni Metuktire (the most famous delegate of the Kayapo people). Raoni Metuktire has been known all over the world for a quarter century for his fight to save the Amazon rainforest and its indigenous peoples. With him and other indigenous delegates, we are fighting against the construction of the Belo Monte Dam. This dam project is drawing everybody’s attention because it is the symbol of the widespread implementation of a disastrous strategy for the environment and for the rights of indigenous populations. We are also striving to participate in the finalisation of the demarcation of Kayapo’s lands which belong to Kapot Nhinore and are constantly being threatened by invasion.

Planète Amazone is a partner of Instituto Raoni(Br) whose president is the Cacique Raoni. The organization administrates and hosts  the website and Chief Raoni's international petition against the Belo Monte dam (the number of people who signed the petition is displayed on the left of this article).

Raoni et sa délégation à l'ONU de Genève.
Photo © John Van Hasselt


An outline of our actions: