Belo Monte :
Chief Raoni's petition

Words of a chief

10 years ago, I came to explain my concern about the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. I told you about the fires, the burning sun and the great winds that would blow if the man continues to destroy the forest.

You supported me and you gave me the means to demarcate our lands. It's done: it is a huge area full of animals, fruits and flowers. This is the most beautiful forest.

First of all, to all those who have given money or assistance, I mean, on behalf of my Kayapo people ... thank you ... nambikwa ... meikumbre.

I'm back now, because my concern returned. I learned that you too are worried now. The winds came and destroyed your forest. You knew the fear that we know.

I tell you, if man continues to destroy the earth, these winds will return with even more force ... not once ... but many times ... sooner or later. These winds will destroy us all.

We all breathe one only air, we all drink one only water, we all live on one only earth. We must all protect it.

Home invasions began again. Woodcutters and gold diggers do not respect the reserve. We do not have the means to protect this vast forest which we are guardians for all of you.

I need your support. And I ask you before it's too late.

Thank you. »  -  message from RAONI, 2000