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Genocide of the Guarani-Kaiowá people in Brazil, "no one cares!" : French actor Pierre Richard’s rant

Genocide of the Guarani-Kaiowá people in Brazil,

Upon Valdelice Veron's visit to France and the United Nations, French actor Pierre Richard, supporter of the indigenous' struggle to save the Earth, rants about the international community's inertia, and especially that of French opinion. Mrs. Veron is a spokesperson for the Guarani-Kaiowá people, in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. She came with Chief Natanal Vilharva-Cáceres.

“Are we aware that after the slaughters perpetrated by Portuguese and Spanish invaders, in 2015 indigenous people are still being dispossessed of their lands, are still being murdered when they are impudent enough to protest? Are we aware that great white landowners send contract killers to “clear the field”, under the indifferent stare of the Brazilian army, when it is not a participant… Are we aware that big foreign firms, among which – oh what a surprise – French firms, take part in this horror? Do these firms’ executives manage to sleep with a clear conscience?

No, we are not aware of this. We are not aware of this, because no one cares! Most governments don’t care, the media don’t care. It is so much more interesting to know what club this or that player is going to be cheered in. Let’s go joyfully, let’s slaughter Indians, fauna, flora, in the name of the god Money! When there is nothing left of the Amazon rainforest but a vast sugarcane field, we will sing the virtues of ethanol, this god of a dead world!

Just one last prayer: Valdelice Veron is coming to Paris for the first time. She is the daughter of a village chief who was murdered in 2003, along with nearly 300 Indians of her people, in all impunity. She is herself risking her life everyday. This first trip to Europe will allow her to say and to repeat the sufferings her people has been undergoing. I hope journalists will be committed to listening to her. And talk about her: it may also be a way to protect her from the killers on the lookout for her…” 

Pierre Richard

© Planète Amazone - translated by Mahault Thillaye

Date : 22/07/2015