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An organization films the ravaging effects of deforestation in Indonesia with a Drone

An organization films the ravaging effects of deforestation in Indonesia with a Drone

The organization Forest Heroes has decided to fly a drone over thousands of acres of Indonesian cleared forest to show man how his behavior has affected his environment.

Awareness is starting to rise regarding the ravaging effects of deforestation in the world. Unfortunately, it is often pictures that get people to take this issue seriously. The organization decided to use its drone in April in order to make a video showing the impact of deforestation in Indonesia. The targeted company is Astra Agro Lestari, which clears forests with bulldozers to replace them with palm oil plantations.

This company, owned by the Hong Kong multinational Jardines, has been singled out on various occasions by NGOs for its global policy regarding environmental protection. The international community is slow to take action and impose sanctions, engagements and promises are not kept, in other words there is much groping around, but in the meantime trees keep falling.

Not only does this massive deforestation in Indonesia contribute to global warming, it also threatens Sumatra elephants’ natural habitat. This majestic animal is in critical danger of extinction, and specialists predict the species could disappear within 15 years if human activity keeps going at this rate.

Other than the video footage which the organization intends to use to change things, a petition has also been lauched to call multinational Jardines’s executives to stop clearing Indonesian rainforests. An international campaign called « She is not a fan » with powerful posters should rapidly be relayed to various media to alert public opinion.

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Date : 03/06/2015