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New Yasuni report gives an account of progress in National Park

New Yasuni report gives an account of progress in National Park

The report by Petroamazonas includes photographs, one of which depicts the exploited area following 3D seismic modelling. It indicates that the effects are “almost unnoticeable”.

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The institutions responsible for the drilling of blocks 31 and 43 in the Yasuní National Park have highlighted the advances of the process in the second monthly report handed to the Assembly.

On November 13, the Biodiversity Commission looked over the report for the period between May and October of this year and seeks to revise this information before the end of next September.

It contains documents from Petroamazonas and the Ministries of Environment and Justice.

The state oil company states that block 31 is to be drilled in stages, and that “the drilling of the wells in Apaika, which is one of the ten that make up the first stage, is to end during this semester”.

It also indicates that last August “they completed the field work for the 3D seismic data”. Authorities from Petroamazonas claimed that the implementation of this technique would reduce the impact of intervention.

The Environment Minister declared that block 43 “is currently undergoing the first stage, which began in mid-August and corresponds to the construction of civil works”.

He notes that in September a change was made to the environmental impact study, “in order to include new activities in the drilling license”. The latter was already granted to Petroamazonas last May.

The Ministry of Law remarks on its behalf that “there have been no emergencies or meeting alerts” with towns in voluntary isolation. It came to this conclusion having analysed 944 reports from the station located in the park and radial monitoring.

Vice-chairperson Pamela Falconi (AP) stated in a press release that the matter would not simply remain “in a transfer of information to the Assembly”. She announced that up until December they would verify data regarding all visits to the site.

Yasunidos is also waiting for the committee to welcome its observations on this report. These observations, which were gathered in a document handed to the Assembly last Tuesday, object to the scope of the environmental impact assessment. It indicates that “the document detailing operations to be developed in block 43 does not fulfill the requirement for the highest technical and environmental standards”. 

(Oil) drilling
On August 15th, 2013, the government put an end to the Yasuní-ITT project and requested that the Assembly issue a national interest statement on oil exploration, which was approved on October 3rd of this year.  

The first report
This statement states that the Government must be held accountable for the progress of extraction. The first report was submitted in May.

© / Translated from spanish by Felix Charnley/ original article

Date : 23/11/2014