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Cacique (Chief) Raoni, appending his signature on the Kayapó People's Manifesto © Andre Vilela d'Elia

MANIFESTO OF THE KAYAPÓ PEOPLE – Kokraimoro village, 5th June 2013.

We, 400 chiefs and leaders of the Mebengokre/Kayapó representing all communities of ratified territories belonging to the Kayapo: Kayapo, Menkragnoti, Badjonkôre, Bau, Capoto/Jarina, Xicrin, Catete and Las Casas, located in the states of Pará and Mato Grosso, with the support of chiefs of the Tapayuna, Juruna and Panara people and neighbours, met in the village Kokraimoro-PA, right bank of the Xingu River, from the 3rd to the 5th of June 2013. We communicate to the Brazilian government and national society that we reject the plans of the Federal Government and Congress to reduce our rights especially rights over our traditional lands and natural resources.

The “PEC 215” legislative change that proposes transfer of executive power to Congress for approval of demarcation and ratification of new Indigenous Lands is an attack on our rights. They say that such an approval process for demarcation will be be participatory and democratic, but we know this proposal to be clear strategy for not to demarcating new indigenous lands and for reducing the size of our lands already demarcated and ratified.

ORDINANCE 303 issued by the Attorney General of the Union violates our rights to occupy our traditional territories and control over our natural resources. Our right to prior, informed participatory consultation when the government plans to implement projects that directly and indirectly impact our people, our culture and our territory has been violated. Remember that this right is also guaranteed by Convention 169 of the International Labor Organization which was ratified by the Brazilian government.

The Draft Law 1610/96 under debate in Congress proposes to authorize mining on indigenous land without respecting our opinions and decisions. We will not accept mining on our land.

The Administration and Congress must comply with Articles 231 and 232 of the Constitution which guarantee our rights. We demand the annulment of all ordinances, decrees, PL's and PEC's that threaten and undermine indigenous peoples. We want the Federal Constitution of 1988, which we helped build, to remain. It is written that Indians and not “whites” have exclusive permanent user rights to the soil, rivers, and forests of their lands.

We do not accept leasing our lands to fill with cattle and soy by the whites as the PEC 237/13 proposes to authorize for serving the interests of ranching and agribusiness companies.

We do not accept the armed forces invading our territory as provided for by Decree No. 7.957/2013. What happened to our relatives the Mundurukú people who were murdered by the Brazilian state is an unacceptably shameful act that must never be repeated.

We want a stronger FUNAI [Federal National Indian Agency] that works alongside Indigenous peoples rather than serving the interests of the Government, political groups, large corporations and ranchers. We Mebengokre leaders, warriors and communities, never accepted and never will accept constructionof the Belo Monte hydro-dam, or any other dams on the Xingu river. They weaken our people. Be assured that we will not stop fighting.

Brazil holds an historic debt with us, the indigenous peoples, that will never be paid. We are not demanding repayment of this debt; we just want our rights that are enshrined in Constitution of 1988 respected. We are the original owners of this land called Brazil, so we will continue defending our land, our people and our rights.

The Government should worry about alleviating poverty in Brazil, drafting laws to improve healthcare, ending violence and ending corruption, the drug trade and everything bad that hurts Brazilian society, rather than stealing and destroying indigenous lands for enrichment of large corporations. The government should allow Indians to live in peace on their lands!

We do not recognize the President of the Republic Dilma Rousseff, the deputies and senators of Congress, nor those who form subcommittees as our representatives with power to decide our rights and demarcation of our lands.

We are concerned not only about ourselves and our lands; but also with our relatives who reject contact and are still isolated. We do not accept that they be contacted.

As we have no representation in Congress, we will mobilize the Kayapo and other relatives to show society our message: we do not accept the reduction of our rights and our lands. We will fight in our way by blocking roads, occupying construction sites, bringing actions with the prosecutor and the Supreme Court and articulating with the indigenous movement and civil society.

Signed at Kokraimoro village on June 5th 2013 by:

Name Community
Ropni Metuktire Metuktire
Barabat Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Akjaboro Kayapó  Moxkarakô
Mekaronti Txukarramãe Metuktire
Tuíre Kayapó  Kapran Krére
Yabuti Metuktire Metuktire
Nhongore Kayapó  Kubenkokre
Ytumti Kayapó  Kubenkokre
Nhaket Kayapó  Kubenkokre
Paiakan Kayapó  Krenhedjá
Puiú Txukarramãe  Kremoro
Kubeí Kayapó  Gorotire
Panhtyk Kayapó  Kubenkrankei
Rotká Kayapó  Kubenkrankei
Pykatire Kayapó  Kendjam
Djyti Kayapó  Kendjam
Krwyt Kayapó A`Ukre
Kaket Kayapó  A´Ukre
Karapere Kayapó  Pykararankre
Kaxoká Kayapó  Pykararankre
Romi Kayapó Kikretum
Ireô Kayapó Irãrãndjare
Akijaboro Kayapó Kawatire
Takakpê Kayapó  Rikaró
Moipá Kayapó  Moikarakô
Jatire Kayapó  Moikarakô
Kôkti Kayapó  Tepdjaiti
Mokrã Kayapó  Apexti
Tabô Kayapó Las Casas
Takakroti Kayapó Las Casas
Bekrê Kayapó  Pykany
Ropkrã Kayapó  Pykany
Panhti Kayapó  Pykany
Takaknhgri Kayapó  Ngomenhti
Ngôtyk Kayapó  Kriny
Porekrô Kayapó  Kriny
Tomeikwá Kayapó  Pyngraitire
Bebaiti Kayapó Kranhkrô
Tepói Kayapó Kokokuedjã
Mrô-Ô Kayapó Turedjan
Kupatô Kayapó Turedjan
Ireô Kayapó  Baú
Kokodjyryti Kayapó Kawatum
Kadjy-Re Kayapó Krimexti
Beptok Metuktire Metuktire
Pawaiti Metuktire  Piaraçu
Mankaiwa Menkragnoti  Kakamkuben
Mikim Kayapó Piôkrotikô
Makei-Í Mekragnoti Kororoti
Bepkraô Metuktire Bytire
Kue-Y Kayapó  Kamaú
Takakdjamti Mekragnoti Môpkrôre
Paulo Juruna Kapotninhore
Pidjôbára Mekragnotire  Omeikrankum
Bemaiti Kayapó Pykatô
Amioti Kayapó  Ladeira
Bâkae Metuktire  Kromare
Tomeikwá Kayapó  Pyngraitire
Tarepa Juruna  Pakaya
Djomy Kayapó Kawatire
Bepnhoti Kayapó Assoc. Floresta Protegida
Beptori Kayapó Assoc. Floresta Protegida
Oro Muturua Assoc. Floresta Protegida
Kokoró Mekrangnoti  Instituto Kabu
Anhiê Kayapó  Instituto Kabu
Dotô Takak-Íre  Instituto Kabu
Bepró Metuktire  Instituto Raoni
Patxon Metuktire  Instituto Raoni
Katamti Kayapó  Tepdjaiti
Bepnhimôr Kayapó  Ngomenhti
Mytkatur Kayapó  Kedjerekrã
Tonkrã Kayapó  Kriny
Yakauwa Juruna  Pakaya
Yamaiku Juruna  Pakaya
Kumanu Juruna  Pakaya
Koptere Kayapó  Baú
Mydjer Mekrangnotire  Baú
Beptopup Mekrangnotire Kawatum
Bepoió Kayapó Krimexti
Imár Kayapó  Kubenkokre
Kokokranryti Metuktire Metuktire
Kiabieti Metuktire  Piaraçu
Patkare Metuktire  Piaraçu
Manteio Metuktire  Piaraçu
Matmare Metuktire  Piaraçu
Bekrô Metuktire Kremoro
Ngutô Metuktire  Piaraçu
Norotire Mekrangnotire Kakamkuben
Kwyryti Mekrangnotire Kakamkuben
Mronhore Kayapó  Kubenkrankei
Kaikware Kayapó  Moikarakô
Dukre Kayapó  Moikarakô
Bekwyaitu Kayapó  Moikarakô
Bepdja Kayapó Moikarakô
Bepunu Kayapó  Moikarakô
Pawire Kayapó  Moikarakô
Kabakran Kayapó  A´Ukre
Bengoti Kayapó  A´Ukre
Pijaum Kayapó  Kikretum
Kongri Kayapó  Kikretum
Pátdjati Kayapó  Ladeira
Takaktô Kayapó Kapran Krere
Kangôxu Kayapó Kapran Krere
Bepngri Kayapó Momokre
Maini Kayapó Piôkrotikô
Betikré Kayapó Piôkrotikô
Tekretá Kayapó Turedjan
Kukonhnokatok Kayapó Turedjan
Nhikanh Kayapó Moidjam
Beti Mekrangnotire Kakamkubem
Bepkototi Mekrangnotire Kororoti
Nókaeire Kayapó  Kakamkuben
Totokwoi Metuktire Jatobá
Bengrai Tapayuna Tapayuna  Kameretikô
Kroti Tapayuna Tapayuna  Kameretikô
Kapote Mekragnoti  Omeikrankum
TakakaraMetuktire Kretire
Bekrê Kayapó  Pykany
Ropkrã Kayapó  Pykany
Panhti Kayapó  Pykany
Okryt Kayapó  Pykany
Krwapreti Kayapó  Pykany
Kokobá Kayapó  Pykany
Djore Kayapó  Pykany
Ykaroro Mekrangnotire  Kubenkokre
Betoti Mekrangnotire  Kubenkokre
Kokoxaiti Mekrangnotire  Kubenkokre
Bepiêt Mekrangnotire  Kubenkokre
Oirop Mekrangnotire  Kubenkokre
Bep Proti Mekrangnotire  Kubenkokre
Takaktô Mekragnoti  Kubenkokre
Nomá Mekrangnotire  Kubenkokre
Nhere Mekrangnotire  Kubenkokre
Kuat Mekrangnotire  Kubenkokre
Y Íre Mekrangnotire  Kubenkokre
Ire-Ô Kayapó  Kubenkokre
Motere Kayapó  Kamaú
Takakpê Kayapó  Pyngraitire
Bebyry Kayapó  Apexti
Djokrô Kayapó  Kendjam
Ynhire Kayapó  Kendjam
Kadjatnhoro Kayapó  Pykararankre
Kangri Kayapó  Pykararankre
Omre Kayapó  Rikaró
Baykajyr Kayapó  Kremaiti
Totnhô Kayapó  Kremaiti
Yode Kayapó  Gorotire
Akroêtyk Kayapó  Ladeira
Kudjek Kayapó  Ladeira
Patom Kayapó  Ngomenhti
Bepkrwa Atydjare Kayapó  Ngomenhti
Ireká Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Kokopiêti Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Kokokinhti Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bepnhoti Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Panhtokti Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Panhmy Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Mrynati Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bekwynhmró Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Ngrenh-Ê Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bekwynhkrã Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Takakngri Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Pytykre Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Panhpunu Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Irenó Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bekanhê Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bepkum Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bep Pydji Kayapó Kokraimõr
Beptonh Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Kranhtum Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Tatajêre Kayapó Kokraimõr
Moipá Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Pidjôy Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bepryti Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Beptytire Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Takakti Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Irenhê Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Takak-Ê Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Mróre Kayapò  Kokraimôr
Piykôre Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Takakmakoro Kayapó  Kokraimór
Nheti Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bariý Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Ropni Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bekwynhkajkepti Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Tyryry Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Kokongri Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Wany Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Panhtekre Kayapò  Kokraimôr
Ngrenhma Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Nhakangare Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Iredjam Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Irekrim Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Nhakjaumti Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Ireky Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Kaêre Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Ireô Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bekwynhdjam Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Takaknap Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Rwytkare Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Irekabô Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Kaprõt Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Akaxkrã Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bebô Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Mokrã Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bepkarõ Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Pereti Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Irepá Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Tuíre Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Kokonap Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Kokoryti Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Ôro Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bekwynhkamrô Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Menhmyre Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Djokrô Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Mrynhô Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bepkadjônht Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bepmajti Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Betire Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Kenti Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Tom-Ere Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Beprere Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Krwakukre Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Ngrenhkadjar Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bati Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bepkrajpó Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bebim Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Takakdjam Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Kapôte Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bepkarõ Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Beptok Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bebati Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Kopre Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bepnhironhti Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Ngõbãm Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Pyté Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bepkra Wai Gavião  Kokraimôr
Bepôre Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Kokokumen Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bekwynhpoi Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Nhgrenhê Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Nhaktum Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Nhgrenhrax Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Totore Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Irekakô Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Kokotô Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Koko-Í Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Irekratô Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Kangodjy Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Krwynhê Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Ireôti Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bõni Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Katemare Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Angádjá Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Nhgrenhpykô Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bekwynhok Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Irey Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Kokokamrôti Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Nhgrenhkapyre Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Kaibeti Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Nhgrenhbox Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Irenõro Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Ireôti Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Nhak-Í Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bekwynhmoroti Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Mopká Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Kokotum Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bekwynhkrikrit Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Tekaiyr Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Bepdja Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Matmare Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Nhakti Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Krwanore Xikrim  Kokraimôr
Nhakin Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Nhakmy Kayapó  Kokraimôr
Nhgrenhwaryti Kayapó  Kokraimôr

Date : 13/06/2013