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President Hollande welcomes Amazon tribal leader to Elysée

President Hollande welcomes Amazon tribal leader to Elysée

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Source : press released issued by the Presidency of the French Republic
President Hollande had a meeting at the Elysée this morning with Cacique Raoni Metuktire, accompanied by Mr Gert-Peter Bruch, President of the Amazon Planet voluntary organization, and M. Nicolas Hulot, President of the Fondation pour la Nature et pour l’Homme [Foundation for Nature and Man], who took part in the meeting. At 82 years old, Chief Raoni is visiting Europe as part of a campaign to raise awareness about protecting the Amazon forest and respecting the people who live there.

The Head of State paid tribute to his personal journey and courageous commitment to protecting the environment. He reiterated France’s active efforts to protect large primary forests and the native peoples living there, in Amazonia and throughout the world. He highlighted the action led by France to promote sustainable development in the Amazon area of French Guiana.

President Hollande, who spoke on France’s behalf at the Rio+20 conference devoted to sustainable development on 20 June 2012, reaffirmed the importance of implementing its conclusions. He stressed the importance of native peoples being involved in the discussions and negotiations affecting their future.

Date : 29/11/2012