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1989-2012 "AMAZON EMERGENCY" : THE WARNING CALL OF CHIEF RAONI (Press release & Vidéo)


Chief Raoni at the Grenier des Grands Augustins, Paris, on November 30th 2012 © John Van Hasselt

"AMAZON EMERGENCY", a Planète Amazone campaign, in partnership with the Instituto Raoni
The operation « Amazon Emergency », directed by Amazon Planet in order to support Chief Raoni, was launched on November 30th, 2012 in Paris, at the « Grenier des Grands Augustins » (Picasso’s workshop). It took the shape of a European campaign of awareness, of lobbies and of a fund raising, in order to help to protect the endangered Kayapo territories.

This operation continues in 2013 with specific actions for which we will soon ask your help. Meanwhile, you can watch this brand new video which is in short chapters and was produced and financed by Amonimage Productions, with the participation of volunteer cameramen.



CHIEF RAONI : launch of the "AMAZON EMERGENCY" campaign - episode 1
- Press conference in Paris, Grenier des grands Augustins (atelier Picasso), 30/11/2012 -
Introduction by Gert-Peter Bruch (Amazon Planet) and Alain Casabona (C.N.E.A.)

Directed by James Amon for Amonimage Productions
On camera : James Amon,  Christophe Chauprade, Christophe Palluel, Mathieu Roger.


"AMAZON EMERGENCY", contributors in the press conference on November 30, 2012 at Grenier des Grands Augustins (Atelier Picasso), Paris: Raoni Metuktire, Megaron Txucarramãe, Bemoro Metuktire, Nicolas Hulot, Gert-Peter Bruch (Planète Amazone), Philippe Desbrosses (Intelligence Verte), Jan Kounen, Frédéric Amiel (Greenpeace France), Ronak Monabay (Les Amis de la Terre) / translation: Arkan Simaan, Marcia Bechara and Cecilia Gutel.


Extract from the "AMAZON EMERGENCY" press kit :



1989-2012 "Amazon Emergency" : the warning call of Chief Raoni


25 years after the first campaign, Chief Raoni is launching a new one against deforestation in Europe.
As the main voice of the struggle for the protection of the Amazonian forest and its natives, Chief Raoni wants to make people aware of the awful situation generated by deforestation and the projects of big hydraulic dams, such as Belo Monte. With the support of french NGO Planète Amazone he also wants to make European people aware of the role they play in this deforestation trying to get them to take concrete actions to stop it.


The campaign is divided into three main branches, all of them interconnected :

- a call to the European political leaders to put pressure on Brazil to stop the construction of the Belo Monte dam in the big curve of the Xingu river ; also to denounce several infringements to the Human Rights of indigenous people, who are the guardians of the protection of the Amazon rainforest.

- a call to the European political leaders to take concrete actions to stop their countries from taking part in the deforestation and destruction of the Amazonian biodiversity, such as Amazonian soy and meat imports, wood extracted from the tropical forest and involvement in the projects of huge dams in the Amazonian region.

- a call to bring solidarity for Chief Raoni’s people to be allowed to build a village, as a matter of urgency, in a part of their unprotected territory which constantly has to face invasions. The Brazilian government has been delaying the delimitation of these territories for almost 20 years under pressure from local farmers. This is a way to finalize the action started with the support of the singer, Sting, almost 25 years ago.

The "Amazon Emergency" campaign, planned from November 29th to December 15th 2012, will visit France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Monaco, and it will certainly be Chief Raoni’s last big trip. He will introduce to the world the one who will carry on his fight, Chief Megaron Txucarramae who was already with him during his first international campaign with british singer Sting in 1989.


Chief Raoni is coming to Europe to deliver a message of hope for the next generations.





Planète Amazone (Amazon Planet), a French Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to the protection of tropical forests and its peoples, reflects in particular in Europe and the world, the fights of Cacique Raoni through its official website and targeted actions



- Translated from french to english by Claire with the help of Lizzie Cornish -

Date : 10/02/2013