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SAY YES TO THE AMAZON, NO TO BELO MONTE. Join the fight on the Amazon Planet Facebook page

SAY YES TO THE AMAZON, NO TO BELO MONTE. Join the fight on the Amazon Planet Facebook page

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The mobilisation of the citizens of the world through social networks is a major ingredient in the fight to save the Amazon forest, the "green lungs" of the Earth. Joining our official Facebook page and passing on our information and our tweets contributes to tearing down the walls of silence and indifference. The media do not feel concerned by the destruction of this environment vital to all ? We do! So, do you? So let's tell it on one of the only real forums people still have access to.

We have been working for almost two and a half years on (ex to inform you about the overall tragedy of deforestation in the Amazon and the specific fight of Chief Raoni to offset this. Our work goes beyond that though. The association Planète Amazone, which provides some of the content to be found on the site (the rest consisting in an international press review from original translations) is also actively involved in the fight led by Chief Raoni and his people. We have initiated several documents published by the UN exposing the exactions committed toward the indigenous populations of the Amazon; we work closely with our Indian friends to set up strategies and partnerships to solve an extremely intricate and difficult situation. We manage the official petition of Chief Raoni (over 360,000 signatures so far),we have recently sent out an appeal to the President of the French Republic about the French concerns involved in hydroelectric dam projects (Alstom, GDF-Suez), and we are coming back from our "Rio+20 mission"...

The task is difficult, some find the goal out of reach, but we know that with you, we can win. All of us together, throughout the world, have just shaken the foundations of the Belo Monte behemoth (its licence has been invalidated by a court). It is still standing up, but we'll get it! And we do intend to turn that victory into a case of law for all those who would intend to undertake senseless industrial projects, harmful for the planet and dangerous for the future.

Talk to you right away on the social networks.
Pass on the info, thank you.

Date : 24/08/2012

Author : Gert-Peter BRUCH