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Invalidation of the license for the construction of the Belo Monte dam: the testimony of Patxon Metuktire, one of the Chief Raoni warriors

Invalidation of the license for the construction of the Belo Monte dam: the testimony of Patxon Metuktire, one of the Chief Raoni warriors

In a judgement qualified of historical, the Regional Federal Court da 1ª Região (TRF1 – the Brazilian Federal Court) relied upon the violation of the ILO Convention 169 (International Labour Organization), which concerns the obligation of consulting the indigenous and tribal people affected by the project, to invalidate, on Tuesday, 14th of August, 2012, the license allowing the beginning of the works, delivered by the IBAMA in June 2011. The Public Federal Ministry also suspended the construction license of the Teles Pires dam. This event is bringing hope to all the activists, who mobilized themselves during years against all those injurious constructions in Amazon, and particularly against Belo Monte.
Even if all of them are expecting a legal response from the Norte Energia Consortium, it is of course a big victory for the indigenous people opposed to the project, especially for Chief Raoni, who never stopped fighting against Belo Monte since the reactivation of the project after a previous cancellation. During the recent Rio+20 Earth Summit, Chief Raoni repeatedly hammered his opposition to Belo Monte, in front of the whole world media. His warriors were standing next to him. We present you today the testimony of one of them, Patxon Metuktire.



Another «Chapter» for Belo Monte.

« The local federal court (TRF1) decided to stop this construction, which is an important work for the government, for the mine industry as well as for employment. Some will think that the construction is stopped or will be paralyzed. This is not true.

I took part in a public audience about Belo Monte, at the Federal Senate, beside Senators from the Human Rights Commission. I carefully understood that the organisms like the MPF and the TRF, as well as some other legal organisms, don't act to make a construction not being completed, but to make sure that the conditions set up by IBAMA and by the other public organisms, which also control the establishment process of the works, are respected.

That's the reason why, my brothers, don't let us being fooled, this work is not going to stop. I am convinced that the victory obtained by those who fight against Belo Monte, has been  mainly due to the fight on site ; that's what made the construction stop. The tireless struggle of real warriors forced the government to look for some ways to carry on the works, ways which are the demarcation of the lands, the main measure.

In this country, the media needs attraction, we do need to fly away from the audience of illusions and solitudes, like TV shows and other programs of the self celebration of the media professionals, to focus the cameras on a reality, which strongly exists in our country the Brazil. This reality is the disrespect against the native people and some other social segments.

We, Kayapo from Mato Grosso, are not tied up to ELETRONORTE, ELETROBRÁS either to the FEDERAL GOVERNEMENT or to FUNAI. We will then stay in the way of any construction, which harms the wellness of the local people. We'll carry on fighting against the environmental, social and cultural impacts from which any of the indigenous people would have to suffer, due to the arrival of stock breeders, farmers, single-crop farming, land owners, prospectors and hydro-electrical facilities like the Belo Monte.

I am ashamed to learn that the indigenous people, and especially some Kayapos, have some divided opinions about Belo Monte and its COMPENSATIONS. Some do accept money and other goods. Stop the works in progress, block roads (Brs) etc... Why? To negotiate. I recommend to those who accept, to pay a real attention to what they are doing, and to claim with guns the compensations for which they were given documented guarantees. At least compare with some other compensations like TUCURUI and ITAIPÚ.

I think that we indeed need to stop the works and to block the roads (Brs), but also to require the demarcation, fight against the PEC 215, the exclusion of some FUNAI or CGE  competencies and some other sectors of the lands demarcation, the admission of AGU 303. And the most important, to require the respect of our rights.

An engine requires maintenance, an engine gets bad, oil dries up. And I can say in good faith that to survive, the Indian needs his land, his river and his culture more than those polluting material goods.

Whatever your opinion, suggestion, critics or ideas, I am fully available to talk about it.

I'll never stop calling the indigenous people to Union. I need you! »


Date : 24/08/2012