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Gota D’Água : Brazilian artists get (finally) to take action against BELO MONTE and launch their own petition.

Gota D’Água : Brazilian artists get (finally) to take action against BELO MONTE and launch their own petition.

Screen capture from the anti Belo Monte video of Gota D’Água movement.

Within only a few days, more than 850 000 cybernauts have signed the petition of the Gota d'Água (drop of water) movement, following the spread on the net of a video featuring bresilian artists, initiated by gloabal famous personalities, such as Leonardo Di Caprio.

This fresh Gota d'Água is arousing a reassuring enthusiasm from the public in Brazil, where a strong mobilisation has surged, following the release of the video (below), translated in numerous languages. More than 850 000 people have already signed the petition on the website after watching it in less than 10 days! The campaigners against Belo Monte, very active on the net and particularly on social networks are no strangers to this meteoric success.


Click here to read and sign the petition (Portugese)

In this funny and didactic video, that shrewdly and lively answers to the questions people have the right to ask themselves, these Brazilian artists (featuring runo Mazzeo, Elizangela, Marcos Palmeira, Maite Proenca, Cissa Guimarães, Ary Fontoura, Juliana Paes, Carol Castro, Nathália Dill and Paes Dira), show their protest against the construction of the Belo Monte gigantic hydroelectric dam, which has its building already started near the Xingu river, in the state of Pará.

They remind for example that Belo Monte will cost nearly 30 Billions of reals, will operate only at a third of its capacity "eight month a year, in a dried out region", according to actress Elizangela. The video also points out the environmental impact of the construction, particularly the 640 square kilometers of forest to be drowned, as well as the threatened indigenous lands, that will cause concerned native people to be expelled (it is said 40 000 people could be impacted, a colossal amount in this area of low density of population).

It is to be noted that this action is supported by American actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Daryl Hannah.

Date : 20/11/2011