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Stop indigenous genocide in Brazil

With a few celebrities’ support (Paul Watson, Pierce Brosnan…), Planète Amazone is aiming to spread an international emergency hashtag campaign and calls for thousands of users around the world to gather to save the Guarani-Kaiowá people by posing with the #IamGuaraniKaiowa hashtag. Once uploaded on a dedicated page, the pictures will be sent to the Brazilian President to urge her to immediately sign the certification decree for 22 indigenous Guarani-Kaiowá territories, as imposed by the 1988 Constitution, to end land disputes motivating the annihilation of this people of 45 000 souls by big landowners.

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Paul Watson (Paris, France)

Pierre Richard (Paris, France)

Pierce Brosnan (Drogheda, Ireland)

Valérie CABANES (End Ecocide On Earth, France)

Gert-Peter BRUCH (Planète Amazone, France)


Jean-Marie BIGARD (France)

Frédérique M. (Perpignan, France)

Guillaume P. (Saint Germain-en-laye, France)

Bérénice C. (LAON, France)

Patrick M. (Peymeinade, France)


jean rene F. (volvic, France)

Daniele D. (venissieux, France)

Odile P. (Oloron Sainte Marie, France)

Marina C. (Hossegor, France)

Thomas B. (Lyon, France)


Maryanick M. (Saint Philippe, Reunion island)

Patrice A. (Aubigny en Plaine, France)

Sylvain F. (Genève, Switzerland)

Antoine B. (France)

Anthony O. (France)


Anne-Margaret H. (France)

Anaïs L. (France)

Amélie L. (France)

Isabelle F. (charleville-Mezières, France)

Amélie (France)


Amélia F. (France)

Alexis D. (France)

Alain S. (Switzerland)

Alain D. (France)

Quentin M. (France)


Anne P. (France)

Agnes S. (France)

Agathe G. (France)

Ismene A. (Montbrison-sur-Lez, France)

Adeline T. (France)


Valérie M. (France)

michel G. (st foy tarentaise, France)

Yolande G. (France)

Roland J. (France)

Olivier P. (France)


Nicolas J. (France)

Mélanie A. (France)

Magali L. (France)

Nathalie L. (France)

Valentine J. (France)


Jean-Marie R. (France)

Delphine D. (France)

Béatrice G. (France)

Armande D. (France)

Sabine B. (France)


Zoé B. (France)

Aziz H. (France)

Yves B. (France)

Yannick J. (France)

Benoit O. (France)


Virginie L. (France)

Vincent R. (France)

Monica G. (France)

Viviane R. (France)

Vanessa H. (France)